Tabatha A. Yeatts



by Harry W. Yeatts Jr.

Amber T.
Age 11

Chapter One
The Incident

There was once a young lady named Kali. She had a cute little pet lion cub that she cared for very much. She always said that she would risk anything to keep the cub safe if something happened to it. One day, a feathered masked man broke into the lady’s house while she was cooking and grabbed the cub and dashed out the door.

“NO!” yelled Kali. She dashed out the door and frantically looked around to see if the masked man was anywhere. He was gone, but he posted up posters everywhere saying that if Kali could find out who the he was, he would give the cub back safely. Kali thought that was a good deal, but at the bottom it said that the deal would only last for 20 days! The first thing that popped into her mind was to go to the police. She quickly got dressed and rushed to the nearest police station. Then a thought came into Kali’s mind. The masked man had touched the lamp on the dinner table. She rushed back home and wore a pair of rubber gloves. Then she carefully put the lamp into a clear bag. She tied it tightly and rushed out to the police station.

When she got there, she told the head chief what had happened. Then Kali gave him the lamp. He shipped the lamp to get it examined for any fingerprints at a nearby laboratory. After a few hours, the lamp got shipped back with a report that there were no fingerprints! That meant that the person wore gloves. It would be a challenge to find the man. After Kali heard the news, she described the man’s mask. It had lots to feathers, and the feathers were sort of plain and white.

Chapter Two
The Flashbacks

“Kali! You need to find the cub!” said Kali’s mind. It had been spinning since the incident. Kali was tired and paid the police to patrol the area. She stood up wearily and walked back home. When she got into her room, she screamed. There was the masked man waiting for her, but this time his mask wasn’t on. In a flash Kali flipped out her phone, and in a few clicks, she got photos of the man. The flashed was bright enough to cast some light onto the man’s face. It was hideous. There were scratches on his face, yellow pus scattered everywhere and blood stains. The flashes frightened the man, and he disappeared in seconds, but Kali already had the evidence she needed. The next morning Kali went back to the police station and showed them the pictures that she took the previous night. They asked her if she was sure about the man, she said yes, but her answer didn’t sound too sure. The police printed many posters of the man and posted it everywhere in the city. Then the thought came into her head. She had met a man like the masked man before. His name was…… umm…………..Kyle! There were so many flashbacks of the time Kali had met this weird man. He was dressed in a black cape and had a hat on his head. She met him because he bumped into her and……… Kali ran to the police station for the third time and explained her memories of the man to the policemen.

Chapter Three
Memories and the Finding

Kali only had fourteen more days left. She desperately looked everywhere in the city to find that man to tell him his name. Then she remembered a very sorrow and deadly story and the some other parts of the story the police had told her about the day her cub was stolen. Kali was married to a guy named Kyle. One day, he went to work and never came back. The policemen found his body with scratches, pus, and blood stains on his face. The doctors said he wasn’t dead but the stains on his face were permanent. The next morning, after the police had sent him to hospital, he vanished! Nobody ever saw him again. Kali thought that the man could be her old husband!!!!!!!!! After that flashback, she went home and took out the necklace that her husband had given her on their honeymoon. It was still shining in the light. She put it on and joined the hunt for the man. Whenever Kali thought of the man, she always thought of her husband and got really sad. The hunt got Kali frustrated and mad. It always made her think of her husband. Whenever her husband came into her mind, she would have to fight back tears.

Chapter Four

Ten days past and Kali finally found the man. She told him his name, but he didn’t answer. He took off instead of handing over the cub. Kali became furious and screamed. The man froze in his tracks and said, “Kali, I know you know who I am, but I will never give the cub back to someone who didn’t care if I died or not.” Then Kali remembered the time when Kyle disappeared. She had told her friend that she didn’t care about Kyle. He must have heard her say that.

“I didn’t mean that. You know why I said that. It was just to hide my sadness and grief over losing you.” Kali said soothingly. “BUT YOU DIDN’T COME TO LOOK FOR ME UNTIL I TOOK YOUR STUPID LION CUB!” yelled Kyle furiously.

“IT’S BECAUSE I DIDN’T KNOW THAT YOU DISAPPERED UNTIL THE DAY YOU STOLE MY CUB!!!!!!!! I THOUGHT YOU WERE STILL IN THE HOSPITAL!!!!!!” Kali yelled. Now she was really mad. Then Kyle backed away and said in a low voice, “Here is your cub back.” He threw the cub to Kali, and she caught it. Then she asked Kyle to live with her again. He said yes but went the other way and not the route to the house Kali lived it. Kali stood there frozen for a few minute and saw him reappear with some cloths. They were the clothes he bought on Kali and Kyle’s honeymoon. Kali almost cried at the sight. Kyle and Kali went home with the lion cub and lived together happily. They took care of the lion (cub) until it was too big to be a pet. They gradually donated it to the nearby zoo, and it mated with another. Specialists discovered that the lion was a rare Siberian lion and the cubs that the lioness had were three identical Siberian lion cubs. The return of Kyle helped save the species of white lions and the grief and sadness of Kali.

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