Tabatha A. Yeatts



by Harry W. Yeatts Jr.

Rukmini K.
Age 8

Lisa shivered. She and her family had arrived in the Big Bend in hopes of good weather. What did she find? Snow. The only place within the National Park they could really enjoy now was the hot springs. But Lisa knew that was rumored to be haunted. Lisa talked her parents out of going to it on their first day. She said something about the journey tiring her. ‘But now their minds seem made up’ thought Lisa.

Both of Lisa’s parents were sensible old parents. They didn’t believe in monsters or any other childish idea for that matter. Mr. And Mrs. Gorgon didn’t even mind that their lastname was Gorgon. It caused Lisa plenty of trouble at school though. Lisa spent a bad night trying to sleep.

‘Rise and shine, Lisa!’ rang out Mr. Gorgon’s excited voice “We’re off to the hot springs. You’ll love it!” Sure enough, when they got there the water was glowing an eerie color of green. Lisa cowered in front of the water. ‘I don’t think Mom and Dad even notice’ she fretted. ‘Come on in! It’s warm!’ Mr Gorgon implored.

Lisa and her mother had hardly jumped in when she saw a huge face loom before her. No sooner had it come it began to slurp the water. It’s piercing green eyes circled the water. Lisa screamed. She felt herself lifted up by a huge hand. “Humans for breakfast” boomed the beast “I don’t think so. You shall all be my servants. One can never have enough!” Lisa was thrown an apron and told to work in the kitchen. Her father worked the stables and mother was a maid. Lisa found herself strangely glad she was there, even if she had to polish the glasses all day. ‘Nothing like being with your parents’ Lisa relaxed contentedly. Then she was aware of the warm water flushing her face and her Dad’s arm casually around her. She could not bring herself to ask them where the beast had gone.

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