A Logic Puzzle
By Tabatha Yeatts

In line for fake mustaches at EinsteinMania, five relative strangers start discussing their favorite scientist. They discover that they all have different theories that they especially like, and they all have different ways of expressing their appreciation for their hero. Can you figure out which Einstein fan prefers which theory and how he or she celebrates Al?

The fans are Amelia, Dylan, Elena, Noah, and Zachary.

The favorite theories are Brownian Motion, Bose-Einstein Condensates, General Relativity, Microlensing, and Special Relativity.

The quirky ways they pay tribute to Einstein are not wearing socks, playing Mozart on the violin, learning a new language at age 54, sticking out their tongue for photographs, and making annual pilgrimages to Bern, Switzerland.


1) Dylan, who dislikes traveling, canít play any instruments or speak another language.
2) Both of the woman play only piano, and Noah plays guitar.
3) Elena, whose favorite theory isnít either relativity theory, is the oldest of the group. She is 8 years older than Noah, the next oldest, who is 46.
4) Amelia finds the one who especially likes microlensing irritating, so it didnít surprise her to hear that he has been sticking his tongue out in every photo for years.
5) Zachary thought it was appropriate, albeit expensive, that the person who is into special relativity travels to Bern, where it was written. He also thought Ameliaís habit of going sockless sounded like a money-saver.
6) The person who is learning a new language is the one who is fascinated by Bose-Einstein condensates.
7) ďGeneral Relativity makes so much more sense to me when I am playing the violin!Ē

Print out the chart below to help you solve the puzzle.

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