Tabatha A. Yeatts



Through the Keyhole #1 by Harry W. Yeatts Jr.

By Mallory P. and Becky L.
Winners, 11-12 year-old category

Chapter 1:
The Guardian of Stone.

“Hurry up Jacques, we’re going to be late!” shouted Ben.

“I’m coming, I’m coming. It’s not like we have to be there at exactly 12 o’clock!” yelled Jacques as they hurried along the outskirts of London Town as fast as their short legs would take them. Even though Ben and Jacques were best friends they’d been living separate lives. Ben lived in a small apartment with his family and knew London town like the back of his hand. Jacques on the other hand was filthy rich, until one day his family was robbed, forcing them to find life on the streets.

Then, all of a sudden the large alley way they had been walking through got smaller and smaller.

“Are you sure we’re going the right way Ben?” asked Jacques as he solemnly let his friend take the lead.

“I’m positive, I know exactly where we’re go-,”Ben stopped dead in his tracks. The alley had ended to a small stone door that opened to reveal a flower covered field that went on as far as their eyes could see.

Chapter 2:
Passage to the Sea Of Flowers.

This wasn’t where they were suppose to be going, so they turned around to head back to the stone door, but right as they got there the door slammed shut as if it were controlled by some type of mystical force. The two boys peered out over the land, but all they could see was flower after flower.

“This is hopeless, my whole family probably ate without me,” sighed Ben as he allowed himself to slump down into criss-cross position on the ground.

“At least no one will eat your dinner for you, my sister always eats mine,” retorted Jacques as he found a seat on the ground next to Ben.

“Wait…….. That’s it! If we entered through one way maybe there’s a different way we need to exit through!!!” exclaimed Ben.

“That’s brilliant Ben, I’m sure the exit is probably just over those hills,” said Jacques clearly liking his friend’s idea.

“Okay then, let’s get going,” and so they did. The two boys walked over hill after hill for the better part of an hour, until their legs were throbbing with pain. Jacques was the first to fall down with agony.

“Okay, I think we’ve both realized there is no other exit besides the one we came in from, if you don’t mind me sayin’ it,” said Jacques while his friend joined him on the ground.

“Wait Jacques, look!!!!” cried Ben as he got up to his feet. A large stone like wall was stretched out through the fields like it would go on forever. The boys were so pleased they got up to their feet and ran towards it clearly forgetting how much pain they were in.

Chapter 3:
Her Royal Highness ~ Princess Hazel.

“Look at this wall Ben…….Ben?...........BEN!!!!!” yelled Jacques.

“What, Jacques I’m way over here!” exclaimed Ben as if Jacques should have known that all along.

“Hey Ben, come check this out………it’s like a key hole or something,” said Jacques quite excited.

“Let me see!!!” Ben yelled as he ran over to join his friend by the keyhole.

“OUCH!!” the two boys bonked heads then fell to the ground. Jacques was the first to get up and peer through the keyhole, and here is what he saw…

A small girl about 8 years old, in a white dress running toward the wall. ‘She must have over heard us talking’ thought Jacques miserably, but Ben interrupted his thoughts.

“Ughh……Jacques…let me see…..ughh,” Ben pushed Jacques out of the way and looked through the Keyhole.

“Hey,” said a voice from the other side of the wall.

“AHHHHH!!” cried Ben, as he fell back onto the ground startled from the surprise. He clearly didn’t know someone was behind the wall. Ben and Jacques climbed up to their feet when the voice spoke again,

“Greetings, I’m Princess Hazel….and whom are you?”

“I’m Jacques, and this is my best friend Ben.”

“Why hello there. If you don’t mind me asking… why are you here?” asked Hazel trying not to show she was expecting a certain answer.

“Um, actually we got lost and when we saw this stone wall we thought there would be a way out,” sighed Ben wishing they were home instead of out in this field.

“Well… since you’re here with nothing better to do, I could use your help.” Hazel didn’t think the two boys would be able to pull off what she wanted them to do, but she knew never to judge a book by its cover.

“What do you mean help?” asked Jacques. They had to walk all the way up here and now she wanted them to help??

“Okay, well Guileeona the witch doesn’t think my mother is cut out to be Queen, so she trapped me in this…thing! This way my mother will surrender her place as Queen for my safety, but I don’t want her to do such a task for me, so here is what I want you to do. Guileeona has two Dragon like creatures guarding a small lever. If that lever is switched down it will release the key to open up this wall and open the door you two entered through, but you must hurry. We only have an hour until Guileeona announces my kidnapping!” said Hazel.

“What’s in it for us??” Jacques clearly wasn’t going to do such a big favor without anything in return.

“I’ll show you a shortcut to get home, and I’ll get you each a free dinner at the castle…DEAL??”

“DEAL!!” replied the boys in unison.

Chapter 4:
The Pair of Sarvinxes.

Ben and Jacques crouched down in the tall thicket and slowly crawled towards the large lever guarded by Guileeona’s pair of Sarvinxes.

“Those are the two ugliest things I’ve ever seen!!” whispered Jacques.

“Shhhh!!!!!!!!!” he heard Hazel whisper from the other side of the stone wall. Being bored with crawling on the ground Ben and Jacques decided to tune in to the conversation the two Sarvinxes were having~

“UGHH….How much longer is Guileeona gonna’ take??”

Their voices sounded like the ones of a snake (if snakes could talk).

“Who knows??? With her it could take days,” said one clearly not liking that idea.

“I can’t take this any more!!” retorted the other as if it were its friend’s fault.

“Just because the clerk at the magic store said we could live for days without food doesn’t mean Guileeona should leave us out here for a whole one and a half weeks!!” said the first one.

All of a sudden Jacques’ foot thumped against a twig, and the twig broke into two. Ben and Jacques froze as the two sarvinxes peered over the land until they spotted the two boys, and their gazes locked.

Chapter 5:
All or Nothing.

“Now!!” cried Hazel from the other side of the stone wall. Ben and Jacques leaped off the ground and ran towards the lever……but the Sarvinxes were much faster than they seemed. They made it to the lever even before Ben (who was one of the fastest runners around). The Sarvinxes snickered, but the two boys weren’t fazed by this whatsoever. They knew Hazel’s plan wouldn’t work, so they came up with a plan of their own.

“Hello there, I’m Jacques and this is my best friend Ben,” said Jacques not at all scared.

“We over heard you two talking and thought you might want some of our packed lunch,” said Jacques as he held out two slender pieces of bacon. The two Sarvinxes began to drool with delight and edged closer to Jacques, forgetting all about Ben as he snuck around behind them to get closer to the lever.

“Looks good, huh??” asked Jacques as he waved it around like it was the most magnificent thing in the entire world. The Sarvinxes edged even closer to Jacques, giving Ben the opportunity to reach the lever without suspicion. This went on until the two Sarvinxes were far enough away for Ben to pull the lever, and then Jacques said,

“Want ‘em? Well, go and get ‘em!!!” and Jacques threw them as far as he possibly could, and the two Sarvinxes ran off and didn’t come back. Ben pulled the lever, then pulled it off its hinges. Jacques ran up to Ben and grabbed the key, then ran up to the stone wall where the key hole was. Just like magic the key fit into the keyhole perfectly, and like magic the stone wall disappeared.

“THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!” said Hazel as she hugged the two boys.

“Now lets get out of here before those two Sarvinxes return,” said Hazel taking a head start for the exit, and that’s what they did.

Chapter 6:
Home at last!

Once they got back into the London Town, the friends went their separate ways to finish that day’s plans.

“Come on Jacques…let’s get some dinner!!” said Ben, and the two boys began to crack up as they ran down the familiar streets that lead to their homes.

Even after Guileeona’s attempts to become Queen, Hazel’s mother still reigned supreme. Many years later Hazel became Queen, and as surprising as it is, she and Ben got married, becoming King and Queen of England.

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