Tabatha A. Yeatts



Through the Keyhole #1 by Harry W. Yeatts Jr.

By Shane O.
Winner, 15-16 year-old category

A girl in white, dancing, laughing. Flowing scarves trailing behind her as she twirled on a sunlit hill lush with beautiful green grass. Her sun hat waved in the wind, then flopped over the side of her head as she giggled and adjusted it with both of her tiny hands.

“Who are you?” He said. “Who are you, and what has made you so happy?”

Every day, he knelt by the door, pushed his hair back, removed his hat, and looked through the stone keyhole. Every day his fingers scratched across the dark rock that was flitted with dashes of gray, every day he watched the child dance endlessly as bright light splashed against her pure attire.

Some days he said nothing. Other days he screamed into the small space, no wider than his finger, and still other days he simply talked quietly to himself, wondering about the girl who lived behind the door in a world of eternal splendor and enjoyment.

Every day he felt his knees go numb as the cold seeped into them but paid them no mind, watching the girl dance. The grass twitched in the gentle breeze, shone with dew and was pressed hard beneath soft white shoes, springing back up again as light spread over it. He watched her until the sun began to lose its dazzling radiance and his eyes began to dry, but he never blinked.

Today he knelt, one eye looking through the keyhole, the portal to everything he wanted but could not have, and saw the sun slowly descend and the girl stop her dancing. Then, suddenly, she turned in his direction, locked both of her bright blue eyes onto his, and flashed a pearly smile right in his direction. Then, with a giggle, she skipped off the side of the hill and into the deliberately broadening darkness.

He smiled, watching her go. “Who are you,” he repeated, “and what has made you so happy?”

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