Tabatha A. Yeatts

A project of the Summer Writing Club 2007


Abraham, Amy, Brittany, Emma, Farrah, Felicia, Julie, Kenzi, Olivia, Philip, Regina, Rukmini, Sam, Shane, Veronica, Wen Wen, and Willa.

For eight weeks, the dedicated young wordsmiths of the SWC (ages 6-18) took on writing challenges of all kinds. This terrific group -- smart, fun, funny, diligent, and good-natured -- put their minds and skills to work to come up with some imaginative, clever writing. All of them successfully completed at least five of the eight exercises. Over half of them completed seven or eight writing challenges.


Table of Contents:
The Itch by Olivia page 1
The Flower by Shane page 2
Sir Joseph and the Blark by Regina * page 3
Three-Part Oracle (Some Assembly Required) by Veronica * page 4
Adventures of Crookster and Rotunda by Rukmini * page 5
Funeral Promises by Wen Wen * page 6
Numb by Sam page 7
The Oracle in the Garden by Julie page 8
Wisconsin? by Willa page 9
Funeral Letter by Brittany * page 10
Danse toute la nuit by Felicia * page 11
Diary of a Bad Day by Philip page 12
The Magic Orchid by Amy page 13
The Cream Ribbon by Farrah page 14
3 Haiku Story by Kenzi page 15
Our Gang by Rukmini page 16
Just Plain Lucky by Emma page 17
A Strange Night by Abraham page 18
Rose by Regina page 19
The Festival and the Cathedral by Julie page 20
Psychic Dog by Brittany page 21
The Diary of Lunch through Gym by Sam page 22
A Poem from the Point-of-View of a Dog by Emma page 23
Diary of a Rock Star by Veronica page 24
A Chipmunk's Perspective of a Photo Shoot by Amy page 25
Wax and Wane by Wen Wen page 26
At the Island by Kenzi page 27
A Minute of Spy Movie by Felicia page 28

* SWC members who completed all eight exercises

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